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At Gangothri School we are committed to provide our children with every opportunity to shine and be lighthouse for their generation and succeeding generations. To Nurture the growth of students in their uniqueness, we are committed to

EXHIBIT customised learning and process to support individual learning levels and skills

CONDITIONING an atmosphere for grounded morals with ethos

ENCOURAGE logical reasoning skills unified with value oriented pedogogy

MANOEUVRE individualistic thinking and encouraging creativity

ANCHORING academic program to build leadership qualities, confidence and environmental awareness

About our Core Team

Mr. B Ramakrishna


Popularly known as BRK, Mr. B Ramakrishna founded the Gangothri Education Trust  with an earnest desire to empower children with wholesome education.  His divine benevolence, continues to lead and guide this prestigious Institution for generations to come 

Mrs. Prabha Ramakrishna


Tutors across the world have identified that one of the reasons of education is to imbibe the personality within a student, enormous growth of the learner, promote overall image, attention span, focus, independence, self-reliant and adaptability.

Mr. Naveen B Ramakrishna

Managing Trustee

Mr. Naveen Interest in the field of education began when he developed a passion for social justice as a school student. His enthusiasm let to acquiring a Graduation. Upon graduation he pursued high interest in the field of Human Resources and Administration almost aligning with principles set to his living. The Core focus being on ending generational poverty through creating a network of educational services that provided support from cradle to career 

Archana C Naveen


Compassion and Strength are two deeds that we avidly share in the school. The staff at Gangothri school have set high academic standards and our goal is to develop in our students the charisma, personality and expertise they will want to succeed in and contribute to a world of intricacy and transformation.